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Visakhi Mela Celebrations at Gurudwara Punja Sahib.


Shahidi Jor Mela of Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Pakistan


Barsi of Maharaja Ranjit Singh


Birthday celebrations of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

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Khalra Mission Commitee

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The Khalra Mission Committee comes to existence in 1995 and its name was Khalra Action Committee. Now in 1998 its name changed to Khalra Mission Committee. Khalra Mission Committee is doing all work in this name. When Punjab police killed 25,000 Sikh youth from 1984 to1995 as unclaimed, bodies. Most affected areas were Patti, Taran Taran and Durgiana Mandir (Temple). To control police excesses S. Jaswant Singh Khalra and his members formed a wing named human rights Shiromani Akali Dal. Jaswant Singh khalra stood against the police official D.G.P. K.P.S. Gill and S.S.P. Ajit Singh Sandhu. The both official killed many youth in false encounters. Jaswant Singh khalra urged the police official concerned that the killed were not unidentified. Records of three Shamshanghat Patti, Taran Taran and Durgiana Mandir came in the hands of Jaswant Singh Khalra in which Biodata of 2086 was recovered.










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Jaswant Singh Khalra voiced against K.P.S. Gill, that when the parents of killed are living why you declare them unidentified. K.P.S. was shocked to hear this and ordered SSP Ajit Singh Sandhu to take S. Jaswant Singh Khalra and his Members in their custody. Then Taran Taran Police kidnapped Jaswant Singh from their house 8, Kabir Park, Amritsar on 6 Sep. 1995. He was kept for 45 to 50 days in custody and was tortured and killed in false encounter. To pursue the cases of unidentified bodies a committee was formed which was named as Khalra Action Committee. S. Surinder Singh Ghariala was appointed Chairperson, Balwinder Singh Chabhal General Sec. and Satnam Singh Amishah as Spokesman are his members. The committee fights for police excess and unidentified bodies. The time since the Khalra Mission Committee came to existence in 1998 PB. Police Started making false cases against them so that they  can not success in their Mission. After strong   protest police withdraw the cases Registered against them. Eyewitness Rajiv Singh in Khalra Case was implicated in false  case in 1998 with FIR No. 53. After two year we won the case in the court. Then  after  that  police again implicate Rajiv Singh  in Murder and Dacoity case on 5-Sep-2000. After One week of  strong protest of our  Organization. Police forced to withdraw the false case. Again Patiala Police registered a false Rape case against  our eyewitness S. Kirpal Singh  Randhawa with FIR No. 394 dated 28-7-2003. After Period of 3 Year we won the case from the  court. When Proceeding were going  on Khalra Case then Patiala Police  Picked up Rajiv Singh and Kirpal Singh Randhawa and implicated in false case again. Police forced them not to give  evidence  in that  case, you will be released  forth with, but they  gave strong evidence  in court.  Then the prime evidence Kuldeep Singh Bachre asked not to give evidence  in the court. He was threatened by police but he took bold stand without fear. Then Jalandher Police put Father-in-law of Kuldeep Singh Bachre in false case. Then Khalra Mission Committee did strong protest and Father-in-law of Kuldeep Singh Bachre was released. Police usually harass the member of Khalra Mission Committee. But without any pressure Khalra Mission Committee fights  for human's right  and will go on  fighting against the  police. Sucessess. Since 2000 Khalra Mission committee Organize Sikh Pilgrims Jatha to visit  Pakistan five times in a year namely 13 April (Panja Sahib) Husan Abdal to Celebrate Baisakhi. 16 June at Lahore  Shaheedi Dives  Sh. Guru Arjun Dev Ji, 29 June at Lahore for Barsi  Maharaja Ranjit Singh, 22 Sep. at Kartarpur celebrate of  Guru Nanak Dev Ji Death Anniversary, In Nov. at Nankana Sahib to Celebrate Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Every time Khalra Mission Committee taken Jatha in huge Number. In 2006 a new chairman Jasbir Singh padhri was appointed, Surinder Singh Ghariala was appointed patron and Balwinder Singh Chabhal General Secretory,  Satnam Singh Amishah as Spokesman & Rajiv Singh Randhawa Secretary Khalra Mission Committee is struggling for Human Right and serving people since 1995.


On 1st April 2014, Balwinder Singh Chabhal was appointed as a new chairman, Satnam Singh Amishah was appointed as Spokesman, Rajiv Singh Randhawa as General Secretary, whereas Jasbir Singh Padhri and Surinder Singh Ghariala were appointed as Patrons. Read More